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Windows, Mac, Linux

SNOWBALL is a FPS action game with a Low-Poly style. This is the second game developped by PROTOKOLL Studio 

Your goal is to protect a car in the snow from the enemies, the znowman. With your snowgun, you will be able to shoot on the enemies from 30 different waves. To help you, you will be able to pick an item like a fondue to regain your health or a gift to transform your snowgun in a minigun. 

If it's too hard or you want to play for the fun, a splitscreen mode for 2 players is available. 

Let's destroy them !

Music & Sound Design : Théophile Demarcq 

You can also follow us on Twitter/Instagram/IndieDB to see on what we work.

You can now download the demo v.0.3 of "Snowball" just here. Try it and write us your feedback :)

If you have any problem with the game, a question or whatever, feel free to contact us : contact@protokoll-studio.com


Little news

- 23.01.19 :  Add the logo Wwise in the credit & fix problem with resolution & game pause/resume. We also "fix" the mac version. Please read the installation file
- 18.01.19 : Fixed version for Linux.
- 16.01.19 : We found some trouble with the linux & mac version. We are sorry for that and are searching the bugs. Thank you !


Buy Now$1.90 USD or more

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SNOWBALL_Linux.zip 59 MB
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SNOWBALL_Mac.zip 45 MB

Development log


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Hey I played your game Snowball! It was actually a pretty cool concept! I know it's just a demo but you don't have to listen to me. You should add HP bar to the player and a HP bar for the car. Cause right now when I was playing, I was pretty much on god mode and the snowmans did not aim for the car at all. You should add more spawns for the snowmans, 3  is not enough in my opinion, maybe have like continuous spawning? Also where the lake or whatever it is, the snowman's could not get down their, maybe make a platform where they can come down? Once again I enjoyed playing it for a good 10 minutes, good luck to your future updates on this game! Hope you don't mind I made a video on it! :)

Skip to 7:10 for my perspective if you want.

Hey ! We just saw your video and it was so funny to see you playing our game. We really appreciate your feedback and your test. We will keep that for the next demo/final version . Thank you so much and keep it up with your video :)